Sunday, March 6, 2011

Of the writing of books there is no end

Or at least of my book, specifically the one featuring Harvey the berserker in modern day Buffalo there appears to be no end. Right now it's about 68,000 words long and I have discovered at least one chapter still to be written. (Chapter 19 - in which frost demons kick some serious butt and modern man finds himself unable to cope.)  I also have to give the story a genuine denoument instead of the hastyness it has right now. And somehow this has to all bring it up to the minimum word count for a novel. This means that I need to write about 7,000+ words between now and Saturday. I only have a plan for about 5,000 of those words.  Where the other 2,000+ will come from, or where they will go in the novel, I couldn't tell you.

Nonetheless, I have promised myself that I will, I WILL do you hear me? have a finished, really truly finished, complete draft ready by next Saturday.  

At which point I will inflict the draft on my friends for critique. Brace yourselves.

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  1. We are all proud! I can't wait!



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