Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Update on push to finish the novel draft

I got another 3K words written last night and today. (Actually it was pre-dawn this morning and then all afternoon today, but who's counting.)  I also outlined the last five chapters and divvied up the material I have which showed me where the gaps were.

Then I went to the gym.  'Cuz you know, if this body wears out on me too soon I won't be able to keep typing. So I got to enjoy huffing and puffing in front of all the lovely people who had come to the gym after classes got out. As usual, just as I was thoroughly sweat soaked and red faced, and reaching the point where I start to negotiate with myself about whether or not to quit early, one of my students strolled in and waved at me. So, naturally I had to wave back and keep going lest I spend the rest of the evening on the couch feeling like a wimp.

It's not the cheerful students who recognize me that I mind actually. I don't even really care if they go back to the dorm squealing OMG! You won't believe who I saw on the ellipticals!  We all have a right to freak out (in private) if we see our professors/bosses/terrifying neighbors doing something normal like exercising or buying milk.

No, what I mind are the students who do a double take as I walk by. I'm sure it's not my rocking biceps they're staring at. Nor is it my fabulous work out gear. No, it's the quite obvious that they're wondering what on earth someone as floppy and unglamorous as I is doing in their workout space. I mean really, I'm not even wearing a Nike swoosh.  My sneakers came from Target. My sweat pants came from who knows where. Wal-mart probably. And my gut came from too many Burger King runs.

But I soldier on regardless, sweating and red faced. Whipper snappers. I'm just going to crank the elliptical machine to 6 and rock out to the 1812 Overture on my ipod. That'll show 'em. ;)


  1. Ah but it those moments in the gym that make sure u enjoy nature more, Keep typing!!!

  2. They sure do! I'm hoping to hike my favorite trail all the way to the end someday. :)

  3. Show them whippersnappers! Wear a Chaucer tee-shirt or something else! Perhaps "Age and Treachery will ALWAYS overcome Youth and Enthusiasm."

  4. I used to intentionally go to a gym full of old people because I didn't like being around all the kids my age and older who were in really good shape. The one time I considered using the school gym (a couple of weeks ago), I walked in, took a look around at all the football players and track stars, and changed my mind abruptly.

    That is to say, we should all be as cool as you, laughing in the face of judgment the way hipsters laugh at mainstream music. Maybe a Chaucer shirt really would do the trick. :P


  5. Ooh, I should get a Chaucer shirt too. I especially like my blue one that says, in Anglo-Saxon script, "My wergild is bigger than yours."


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